So What Will Happen Tomorrow?

The Conficker worm is widely regarded as the worst since SQLSlammer. It’s latest C variant will activate on April 1st, 2009, generate 50,000 domain names using an algorithm and pull its payload from one of these domains.

Estimations for the number of infected PCs range 9 to 15 million, which probably makes it the largest botnet ever, not even the Storm or the Kraken botnet come close in numbers.

My guess is it means more spam from tomorrow. A large botnet like this one can send several billions of spam a day, so getting the V1agr@ ads to your mailbox will be cheaper than ever.

I am sure you have already checked your network for infected PCs, now make sure that Spamhaus ZEN is enabled in ORF (will blacklist emails from botnet dial-up lines) and you have SURBLs on (will catch spam payload).

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