ORF 6.8 – Tags and more…

ORF 6.8 has been released with a host of new features and improvements.

The first notable feature is Plus Addressing, which enables the filtering and validation of recipient email addresses that contain plus tags (e.g. user+plustag@example.org). This allows for greater control and flexibility in email management, providing both users and administrators with more options for filtering and organizing incoming emails.

Another key addition is the ability to log email filtering data to SQL databases in real-time. This improves access to event records for analysis and tracking. The Log Viewer has also been improved with a new option to view logs generated during a specific period and the ability to load SQL logs directly from an SQL Server.

Additionally, there have been a number of bugfixes as well, including improved error messages for external database connection tests and fixing issues with saving log exports to remote file systems. Finally, most of the ORF configuration data is now stored in XML files and there have been minor user interface improvements.

Get the ORF 6.8 installer from the Client Portal.

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