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ORF Price Adjustment

Dear ORF community,

Effective today, the price of ORF Fusion subscription has increased.

We understand that nobody likes to hear about a price increase, but we wanted to be transparent about the reasons behind it. Despite our efforts to maintain our prices over the past six years, the current economic situation has made it necessary for us to review and adjust our pricing policy.

The pricing adjustment applies to both new and existing ORF Fusion subscriptions that expire after today. If you currently have an active ORF subscription, your last payment method used will be automatically charged at the new price on the expiry date.

We are grateful for your support and feedback, which has been essential in shaping ORF into the product it is today. Our goal is to keep improving and adapting ORF to better meet your needs, and we are committed to making that happen.

Should you have any questions about this change or our pricing and licensing in general, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help.


The Vamsoft ORF Crew

ORF 6.8 – Tags and more…

ORF 6.8 has been released with a host of new features and improvements.

The first notable feature is Plus Addressing, which enables the filtering and validation of recipient email addresses that contain plus tags (e.g. This allows for greater control and flexibility in email management, providing both users and administrators with more options for filtering and organizing incoming emails.

Another key addition is the ability to log email filtering data to SQL databases in real-time. This improves access to event records for analysis and tracking. The Log Viewer has also been improved with a new option to view logs generated during a specific period and the ability to load SQL logs directly from an SQL Server.

Additionally, there have been a number of bugfixes as well, including improved error messages for external database connection tests and fixing issues with saving log exports to remote file systems. Finally, most of the ORF configuration data is now stored in XML files and there have been minor user interface improvements.

Get the ORF 6.8 installer from the Client Portal.

ORF 6.7 – Reviewing logs just got easier

ORF 6.7 has arrived! With the latest update, our goal was to to make it easier to overview and navigate ORF logs, and to help administrators manage quarantined attachments directly from the ORF management tools. Logged events can now be displayed in a grouped view, so you no longer have to search for which event belongs to which email. We have introduced new columns, new log sorting options and a new dialog for managing and resending quarantined attachments, along with other improvements. For the full list of changes and details, see the ORF Change Log.

If you are ready to update, download the ORF 6.7 installer from the Client Portal.

ORF 6.6 – Don’t break the chain

The latest and greatest version of ORF is now available: the installer can be downloaded from the Client Portal section of our website after logging in.

ORF 6.6 adds support for a new email authentication system called ARC (Authenticated Received Chain), which is a novel protocol coming down the standards pipeline intended to solve email delivery issues caused by intermediate mail servers that render SPF, DKIM or DMARC invalid in emails.

For detailed information regarding this release, please consult the ORF Change Log.

Edit: If you are using ORF on Exchange 2010, please make sure you read the following KB: