New Community Section: Feature Requests

We just launched a new community feature of, the Feature Requests section. This is a community-powered feature request tracker that allows browsing, voting and submitting ORF feature requests.

In the tracker, you have 10 votes and it is up to you how you distribute your votes – let’s say you really want us to implement “Configuration Synchronization“, so you cast 6 of your votes on it and only 1 vote to “SCL Scoring“, because you consider it as just a nice-to-have feature. Of course, when “Configuration Synchronization” gets implemented, you get your 6 votes back (and anyway, you can change your mind anytime).

Visit the Feature Requests section at

We are collecting feature requests since Day 1 and have recorded more than 150+ so far, but only the top requests were added to the tracker. This is intentional: what you might have needed two years ago may no longer what you want now. In any case, please feel free to submit your request via the tracker and convince others to vote.

Happy voting!

3 thoughts on “New Community Section: Feature Requests

  1. Kurt

    Don’t worry, I’ll get the whole institution to vote. Make sure your website can handle the load :)

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