ORF Web Reports (Technology Demo)

Just in case you missed it: we have released a technology demo for the ORF OLE DB Log Provider, called the Web Reports. The demo imports your ORF logs into a Microsoft® SQL Server database and provides a web page where your users can review their blacklisted emails. Full source code is available.

Web Reports Demo Screenshot

There are two interesting points in the demo. First, it features a Windows Service (written in C#) that polls ORF log files for changes. This component can be used to have your logs in MSSQL, almost real-time. Second, the web page component (ASP.NET/C#) uses Integrated Authentication to identify the user, dig his/her email addresses Active Directory™ and display only the relevant entries from the log database. This authentication method works automatically on the intraweb, so your user is not prompted for a password.

As this is a technology demo as opposed to a full-featured product, there are many ways to improve it, from better database scheme normalization to visual design and features, but is serves as a solid basis to develop your own, custom-tailored end-user information system.

6 thoughts on “ORF Web Reports (Technology Demo)

  1. Sa Sa

    I tried to get this work on our test envirnment but i could get service to load logs into database. I have SQL 2005 Express database and created database, ran sql scripts and user with permission but for some reason it is not importing logs. I do not know where to look.

  2. Kieron

    I am having the same issue with Sql Server 2005. I have configured the database as per the scripts permissions are right. tested credentials with odbcad32 and the website works fine but no data makes it to the database. using below details

    Data Source=;
    Initial Catalog=ORF;
    Integrated Security=SSPI;

  3. Peter Post author

    Sorry for the late response, I overlooked your comments somehow. According to a newsgroup post, Sa Sa had a problem with the connection string (needed the SQL Server 2005 native provider, “provider=SQLNCLI”), I suppose it is the same with the second case. Also, integrated security (authenticating with the service user credentials) can be a problem.

    In any case, the service logs to the Windows Event Log, you find a more detailed description about the error there.

  4. STAN

    Very usefull, but it’s not working…
    I have SQL 2005 database and the same issue as in 1st and 2nd case. I have used “provider=SQLNCLI”, service was installed and started successfully, but it was not importing logs and I had no events in Windows Event Logs… :(

  5. Peter Post author

    STAN, I am not sure what’s wrong in your case, but please consider that this demo is not a ready-to-use product, but a technology demo. The targeted audience are software developers with .NET programming knowledge + a debugger. If the problem boils down to the OLEDB provider itself, please contact us with the error information, if any.

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