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On Exchange 2013 SP1 Edge Transport support

If you are with the “no upgrade before Service Pack 1 crowd (which makes a lot of sense), you’re probably planning an Exchange 2013 upgrade as of reading this. Here are some good news from the Vamsoft labs regarding ORF and Exchange 2013 SP1:

  • We realize that Exchange 2013 SP1 was a long-awaited update, so we’ve sidelined all other developments and we’re focusing solely on shipping a fully compatible ORF version.

  • This will be an interim release, so the version number to eagerly wait for is 5.3.

  • ORF 5.3 will ship with full support for the new Edge Transport Server role of Exchange 2013. In fact, this will be the ideal location for ORF, given its perimeter position on the network. All features provided on earlier Exchange Edge Transport Servers will be available.

  • Both the ORF Setup and the ORF Service will detect if you inadvertently trying to run ORF on an SP1 installation without KB2938053 installed.

ORF 5.3 Exchange Helper in Action

ORF 5.3 Exchange Helper in Action

We expect to ship the new version in a couple of weeks. Oh, and by the way Vamsoft Insider has 404 total comments, which makes me jumpy, so please comment something, quick.