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Honeypot: trap the spammer!

Don’t just defend yourself: attack! Did you know that you can set up traps for spammers? These are fake email addresses that you create and publish just for those who would like to send you unwanted emails. We call it Honeypot.

So how it works? It’s quite easy. First, you need to compile a list of bogus addresses which will be used as bait. It can be anything in your domain, like 1234@example.com or peter@example.com.

When you have them set up, you need to place them right in the face of spammers, where they can easily find them. Make sure that legitimate users will not run into the honeypot addresses, so when you get any emails to these “fake” addresses, you will know that they are malicious. Anyone sending to these spam trap addresses will be automatically blacklisted, so make sure you publish the honeypots on your website where only address harvester robots can pick them up (and not real users).

Ready to declare war? Read this article for detailed instructions.