New Article: How to Stop Backscatter?

We published a new article regarding email backscatter at

We tried to answer as many questions as we could, hopefully you will find this article useful.

1 thought on “New Article: How to Stop Backscatter?

  1. Jay

    Do exchange rejects via attachment filesize limits happen before the conversation ends or after? We get a LOT of attempts by clients sending pdfs via email instead of faxes and their scans end up mis-configured and larger than 10 megabytes. I’d like to be sure before disabling non local NDRs that the client would still get their ndr in this case specifically.

    Especially since we use Greylisting most of our spam is getting blocked before arrival, so I don’t think we send that much backscatter but I checked the reports and over a 3 month period about 10 messages a day get blacklisted on the on arrival stage mostly by url blacklists so we probably are backscattering some.

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