Avast! bug affecting ORF

Yesterday, an Avast! anti-virus database update came with a serious bug. We (and others) suspect that by VPS version 091203-0, all applications written in Delphi were being marked as “Win32:Delf-MZG (Trj)”.

ORF was written in Delphi as well, so Avast! might have prevented ORF from filtering emails, or it might have moved ORF the executable(s) to the virus Chest. If you use Avast! and ORF on the same server, please make sure you restore these files as follows:

1. Right click the Avast! icon near your clock and choose Start Avast!
2. Cancel any scans Avast! tries to start
3. Click on the Chest icon: a list of quarantined files will appear
4. Right clicking on any file and select “Refresh all files” to make sure all files in the chest are listed
5. Right click on the files of ORF, select “Restore file” to restored them to their original location and at removed them from the Chest.

The bug has been fixed since by VPS version 091203-1, so make sure you use the latest definition file.

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