Exchange 2010 RC Support

We just have released a compatibility update for ORF 4.3 that enables using ORF with the Exchange 2010 Release Candidate. The update is available for testing purposes at: (10kB ZIP download)

Installation instructions for the update are available in the ZIP file (readme.txt).

Without this update, you may experience the following problems:

  • An error is displayed when querying the ORF Transport Agent status: ‘ERROR: Could not get the status of the “Vamsoft ORF SMTP Receive Agent” transport agent. Unexpected transport agent member type Microsoft.Exchange.Management.AgentTasks. TransportAgentObjectId for property Identity. Type expected: System.String.’,
  • ORF cannot be uninstalled.

Installing the update fixes the above issues with Exchange 2010 RC. Please report any problems that you may experience to our technical support. Thank you.

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