Tales from Tech Support: Part 6 – Strange Statistics Problem

Last week we have received a report of a strange problem: the ORF user’s log was full of “Could not create statistics for the client. EORFStatisticsServerError/The statistics server is not initialized.” messages. We suspected a problem with the statistics, which ORF sends to our server anonymously (this data is used to feed the 24 hours statistics counters on our website, and the DNS blacklist popularity list). The statistics to be sent are stored in a file called orfstat.dat. After further examination, We have also found some “Could not load statistics. Error: EORFStatisticsServerError “Statistics file “C:\Program Files\ORF Enterprise Edition\orfstat.dat” is corrupted: XML parsing error.” messages. I asked the user to send over the above mentioned file: it was 0 Kb… Somehow, the file got corrupted beyond repair.

To solve the problem, I suggested to delete the file orfstat.dat from the ORF directory: this will not cause any trouble, since ORF will recreate the statistics file when you restart the service, so you won’t lose the statistics displayed in the Administration Tool either (Configuration / Information / Statistics).

I also suggested to disable sending anonymous statistics sending in Configuration / Global / Statistics if the corruption happens again, but it seems to be OK now. We are still investigating what might have caused this (we suspect some MSXML related problem). Though we received only a single report so far, which clearly points to a system specific problem, I thought it would be better to publish the solution if you experience similar things. Has anyone seen such messages in the ORF log recently?

3 thoughts on “Tales from Tech Support: Part 6 – Strange Statistics Problem

  1. Victor

    I have same problems in orf log viewer.

    Version: 4.4 REGISTERED
    Log Mode: Verbose
    Server: srvisa.atran.ru
    Source: (not available)
    Time: 17.05.2011 12:28:22
    Class: System Message
    Severity: Error
    Actions: (not available)
    Filtering Point: Non-filtering
    HELO/EHLO Domain: (not available)
    Related IP Address: (not available)
    Message ID: (not available)
    Email Subject: (not available)
    Sender: (not available)
    Recipient(s): (not available)
    Could not create statistics for the client [nowait]. EORFStatisticsServerError/The statistics server is not initialized.

    Windows 2003 SE sp2 RUSSIAN
    Exchange 2003 6.5.7638.1

  2. Victor

    Maybe yes.
    I see previously in Information \ Statistics instead of status – OK. Stopwatch is running. been this – Live Statistics disabled.
    I’m delete the .dat file and restart service. Now Stopwatch is running and no errors in log.

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