New DNSBL definitions

We have updated the default DNS Blacklist definitions in ORF. Compared to version 4.2, the following changes have been made:

  • ADDED: Barracuda Reputation Block List
  • ADDED: UCEPROTECT-Network Level 1
  • ADDED: UCEPROTECT-Network Level 2
  • ADDED: UCEPROTECT-Network Level 3
  • ADDED: Unsubscribe Blacklist (UBL) Resources
  • ADDED: SpamRats! Dyna List
  • ADDED: SpamRats! NoPtr List
  • ADDED: SpamRats! Spam List
  • ADDED: SpamRats! Combined List
  • REMOVED: All Spamhaus lists but Spamhaus ZEN
  • REMOVED: lists
  • REMOVED: Distributed Sender Boycott List (DSBL)

To get the new complete definition file, download blacklists-090416.xml. To get just the new blacklists, import blacklists-new-090416.xml. Please read the description of the new lists before enabling them.

Your feedback on the new lists are welcome.

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