So what is “vamsoft.exe”?

Our website recently started receiving hits for the search keyword “vamsoft.exe“, so here comes a little background info for that file name: if you have a file called vamsoft.exe on your system, you are probably infected with a virus/malware. Of course, the file has nothing to do with us, we are actually the vendor of an anti-spam software called ORF Enterprise Edition and never released any binaries under the name vamsoft.exe.

The file is part of a malware, so you are recommended to get an anti-virus if you do not have one installed, or if you already have one, either update the definitions or contact the vendor. There are excellent anti-virus products that are free for personal use like Avast! Home Edition or the AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition.

Various sources name different malware as the host of vamsoft.exe, such as Win32/Sality.AM, Win32/Rungbu.A and Trojan.FakeAlert.H
(a few alternative names for the above: W32.Sality.AE, Virus.Win32.Sality.aa, W32/, W32/Sality-AM, PE_RUNGBU.A, W32/Rungbu-A, W32.Rungbu, Worm.Win32.VB.du, Generic VB.b).

You can make sure a binary is from us by checking the digital signature on the file. In Explorer, right-click on the binary, select Properties. In the dialog displayed, there should be a Digital Signature tab and the name of the signer should be “Vamsoft Ltd.” (certificate is from Thawte Code Signing CA). Our .NET binaries are not signed for reasons outlined earlier (thus there is no Digital Signature tab), however these should still include vendor information on the Details tab. When in doubt, check the file with our tech support.

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