ORF Price Change

From today, ORF licenses are available for 239 US dollars per server. It’s a 20% raise from the previous price that was set in 2004, at 198 USD. The SMA price remains the same, 99 USD per license.

The reasons that led to this decision are several, but the most important one is that the US dollar weakened significantly compared to the common European currency, the Euro. We operate in Hungary, Europe and although we have not yet switched to Euro from the Hungarian forint, our currency is tightly linked to that and so we suffer the same loss on export like the rest of Europe. Also, we think that ORF matured quite a lot in the past more 3+ years (the version that time was 1.5.2) and this could be reflected in our license prices with a reasonable rise.

Thank you for the understanding and we hope you still find ORF worthy at this price.

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