Happy Birthday ORF

So... is it 'does' or 'do'? :)

ORF Enterprise Edition was 5 years old yesterday. The first release of ORF was published on November 25, 2002, at 09:31AM (CET) with advanced features such as the ability to use more than one DNSBL (seriously, the Standard Edition could use only one at once), IP/Sender/Recipient whitelists and blacklists and the Reverse DNS Test. The first license was sold in 19 minutes, for 79 USD / EUR (yes, those days Euro and US Dollars were 1-to-1!).

Happy Birthday ORF!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday ORF

  1. Peter

    Thanks :)

    We sold almost 8500 ORFEE licenses so far.

    By the way, 1 US dollar today is 0.677231 Euro. When ORFEE went into production, the exchange rate was 1.00634, so today we make 32.7% less than we used to.

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