How to Waste 2 Hours?

Write this…

Install-TransportAgent -Name “Vamsoft Test Agent” -AssemblyPath “E:\ORF\testagent\TestAgent.dll” -TransportAgentFactory=”Vamsoft.ORF.TestAgent.TestAgentFactory”

…instead of this…

Install-TransportAgent -Name “Vamsoft Test Agent” -AssemblyPath “E:\ORF\testagent\TestAgent.dll” -TransportAgentFactory “Vamsoft.ORF.TestAgent.TestAgentFactory”

…and lament on why PowerShell is giving you a prompt instead of an error message or something. Experiment with replacing -Name with -Identity. Boot your other virtual server where once this stuff worked and check why it worked there. Watch your computer running out of free memory with two virtual servers concurrently running. Shut down the other virtual server and wait while all running apps are mapped back to the live memory from the system swap. Get upset and pause both virtual machines as a desperate attempt. Realize that you’re just making the situation worse. Get a coffee, start with fresh mind. Look clueless. Then, finally, find the needless equals sign :)

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