Personalized Spam?

Recently I started getting spam to my personal email accounts with subjects that look like software development-related professional emails. Examples below:

Don’t call glGetString() until a rendering context has been bound.
Java Script House 10.
The X Window System does not support transparent color.
So you cannot use such macros in C or C++ expressions.
ActiveMDIChild is TfrmParent) and TfrmParent(Application.

These definitely catch my eye more than “YOU HAVE WON MICROSOFT GLOBAL E-MAIL LOTTERY”, but that’s just me—at least, I know a relatively few people who get exited when they see an email subject with a Delphi type casting like in the last example. I wonder if spammers just wanted to give their emails a professional-sounding “IT” subject or they have started to personalize the email subjects e.g. based on the site where they picked up the email address.

Did you experience something similar recently?

1 thought on “Personalized Spam?

  1. allianz

    When you opened the mail, it was an advert for viagra or something?

    BTW If you get spam advertising cheap software, do not click the link – it’s a drive by zombie they want to infect you with.

    I guess there must still a lot of dick-heads out there who are prepared to trust these these hooded criminals.

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