So Why Outlook Hangs on Emails with Attachments?

Has anyone else seen this? Every once in a while, Outlook 2003 starts hanging on every email that has attachments or embedded images, about for a minute or so. It is utterly annoying and I did not find any resolution for this on the Internet—I guess it is either the anti-virus software, or Outlook tries to do something with the network that eventually fails, but uh, come on, should not it just work?

2 thoughts on “So Why Outlook Hangs on Emails with Attachments?

  1. Peter Post author

    Hi Steve,

    Yes, I have Lookout installed. Recently I also installed X1 experimentally, but Outlook was already hanging before that. I have been using Lookout since years and did not have this problem until recently, though. Also, when Outlook hangs, there is no high processor usage, it runs at the usual 0%.

    Do you think they are related?

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