15 orders left till the 10,000th ORF share-it! order.

Amazing. I mean, wow. When we started developing ORF Standard Edition back in 2002 (and selling that time for $25), we did not even dream of ORF growing into a software that filters more than 300.000.000 emails daily and protects ten thousands of mailboxes, in 86 countries all around the world, used by one-person businesses and 50,000+ employee giants and even ISPs. I just do not know what to say. With a little luck, we will record the 10,000th order tomorrow and even though this number has virtually nothing to do with the actual number of licenses sold, this is a great feeling, great responsibility and I still do not know what to say :)

As of writing this, an SMA order from Belgium and another from Benin was recorded and also an ORF EE order came in from Italy, so actually there are only 12 left. Edit: 1 left and champagne is cooling. Anyone, please? And… 5 digits! :)

By the way, if you are the 10.000th, you will be fully refunded for your order :)

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