More flexible network definitions

If you ever felt awkward for not knowing how to calculate subnet masks without using a subnet mask calculator, consider that neither we could have survived without NetCalc. There are so many things in life to waste your time with, all better than learning subnet calculation, right?

IP Address Expressions editor in ORF 4

When we decided to use the dotted subnet mask notation for defining network ranges in ORF (you know, like, we thought that it is only us who have troubles converting the range in mind into a subnet masked format. As it slowly turned out, we were wrong. Good news: finally we fix this.

The next ORF release is going support various network range notations, so you can basically enter IP ranges in whatever format they come. The supported formats are:

  • (text range)
  • (CIDR notation)
  • (dotted IPv4 subnet mask)
  • 192.168.251.* (wildcarded)

The next thing to come is the Log Viewer update – brand new, improved filtering, free-text search and updates required by the log format changes.

4 thoughts on “More flexible network definitions

  1. Kurt (EC)

    Looks promising – especially this log viewer update.

    On the other hand, I must admit that subnet calculation is something I hardly use anymore, so this will be an easy update as well :)

  2. Frank

    Sweet; much better. And we will be able to cut/paste IP addresses into a field rather than typing the digits into seprate dotted/octet fields. I’m curious if requires no spaces; will – work? How about shorthand ranges such as ?

  3. Peter Post author

    As it can be seen on the screenshot, it is only a single edit box, without any masking. Simple copy paste will work. Space will not be required between IP/IP or IP-IP, in fact it will be automatically removed once the item is accepted.

    The shorthands will not be supported. Sorry, you will have to type the full address :)

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