ORF 3.0

Two days ago version 3.0 was released. It took 10 months and 4 days, 17 820 new and at least twice as much changed lines of code, but finally it is ready for production use. Great :)

As for the future, we discuss the strategic questions these days, so there is little information to be leaked. We already decided to extend the ORF team with new devs and to update the ORF identity and web site design (it’s so 90’ish!).

3 thoughts on “ORF 3.0

  1. Viran

    My congratulations!
    ORF the best filter on a parity the price – quality.
    What plans for the future?
    Whether such filters as Bayes will be introduced?

  2. Peter Post author

    Thanks Viran.

    Our plans are still forming, but Bayesian filtering is currently not planned. Although it does excellent job on clients, we believe it is not really for server side.

    We will implement the planned features of 3.0 which has been predated by Reporting. Also, we started working on a new website and product identity.

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