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It has been quite a long time since I last posted to Vamsoft Insider and I have no good excuse, other than loads of work, but that is absolutely usual here and everywhere. I think the reason is like with emails that you never respond: the more you delay a response is the less you want to respond. I am not sure why is it so, I guess the delay changes the attitude towards the given activity: as fun turns into unwanted obligation, motivation falls sharply. So let this post be an attempt to overcome this.

A few weeks ago we released the first beta of ORF 3.0 and it works great, thank to the efforts of the ORF Feature Test Program members, who identified lots of the bugs in the intermediate releases. If you are not familiar with this program, here is a brief summary: a bunch of great guys volunteer to risk their emails by testing intermediate releases of the upcoming version. Most of them do this on their live system. Without these brave souls, beta users would have a much harder time testing ORF.

Beta testers also caught two more bugs and now we consider the code base stable enough to release ORF 3.0, so once we get the documentation back from Dave (the guy who fixes our funny English “accent”), we can do the release. If this happens before Wednesday, 3.0 will be announced next week. (If you are wondering why, the reason is simple: our internal policy is to not to release new versions after Wednesday, because this way we can provide faster technical support for early adopters and we can react if something goes wrong).

I cannot wait to get 3.0 shipped. It is a great (and rather anxious) moment when you have everything compiled, tested, signed, updated, uploaded and the only thing left on the checklist is “Send the announcement”. You get another café latte, hit the Send button, sit back and watch how emails are flowing out to our clients in 81 countries. It’s a great energy booster: you are finally done with months of work and you can focus on what comes next. And this time we have lot coming!

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