Publishing a Development Roadmap?

The feature set of ORF 3.0 is finally getting a solid shape and we are going to publish the development roadmap for 3.0 and maybe the version(s) after.

As the first ORF Software Maintenance Agreements are going to expire on December 1, 2005, it is pressing to let our clients know that renewing the agreement is a good investment: they are going to get improved software for their $99. And definitely we have to give 3.0 a deadline and tell about the expected features.

Now let us forget about how much I am concerned about keeping the deadline (man, it is tight!) and about feature selection, but I am also concerned about our competitors: is disclosing our plans to the competing companies a good idea?

Not that we have some mysterious super-secret technology on stock that is going to change spam filtering for once for all (but we do have a few good ideas :), it is just that our competitors are usually larger than us. I mean, larger by factors. They can easily do in weeks what we do in months and so they can entice our clients by giving them the features earlier that we want to give.

Regardless concerns, I think it is pretty much clear that our clients are first, we must tell them what they are going to get for their money. Competitors are our concern, not theirs. I feel quite naked, though :)

2 thoughts on “Publishing a Development Roadmap?

  1. Peter Post author

    Well, our upgrade rate from 1.x to 2.0 was 35% in the initial SMA upgrade offer period. We still have many clients who use version 1.x, but quite many are unreachable: I think they either left us or are out of business.

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