Getting the most out of ORF

Finally, I shortened my to-do list a little, now it is not much longer than the collected works of Shakespeare, although it is definitely less amusing.

The Getting the most out of ORF guide has just been sent for proofreading to Dave to fix the Engrish stuff I carefully inserted to the script.

This is an Insider Blog, where we leak highly confidental information for what we could get fired, so I disclose the highly confidental information that the above guide is a summary of suggestions to get the highest filtering performance out of ORF with the lowest number of false positivies, i.e. to configure ORF the best possible way. I have a little doubt whether we can reach the target audience, but anyhow, I am glad that we finally managed to write this guide, we should have done this years ago.

Ah, yes. This is my first blog entry in our brand new Insider blog. Welcome :)

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