Cornelius vs. Cornelia

I get a few of these every day to my unfiltered email account:

Hi! I am bored this evening. I am 25 y.o. girl that would like to chat with you. Email me at only. Hope you like my pictures.

I am not really interested in giving advise to spammers, but oh come on! Are you guys sure that the best sender names available for a message like this are “Cornelius Schneider”, “Jayson Hastings” or “Ken Glenn”?

4 thoughts on “Cornelius vs. Cornelia

  1. Dan

    Haha. These crack me up. I got one from Erin Doyle and Mickey Penn.

    I found you searching for just what “anymailonline” was.

    I am afraid of any girl named Mickey or Cornelia.

  2. dan

    I stumbled over here by trying to figure out what exactly “anymailonline” is. I got these same emails from Erin Doyle and Mickey Penn.

    I wouldn’t want to see any pictures of a girl named Mickey or Cornelius.

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