Project Anvil

Project Anvil is Dana Epp‘s attempt to launch a new software product. In his own words,

[…] “forging” a new product, from vision to reality, in 30 days. One man. One product. Ready for beta in 4 weeks.

…which is probably the most interesting challenge that I came across recently. The blog documents the construction, from defining the goal of the project to technology selection, all with text + screencasts.

It is similar to what Fog Creek done last year when they hired a few summer interns to develop Fog Creek Copilot and documented the entire process in a blog and later released a DVD video. Dana’s blog is maybe more tech focused, but I like that and I already learned a couple of things from it.

Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Project Anvil

  1. Dana Epp

    Hey.. thanks for the kind words.

    It is definitely an interesting challenge… and has been a very exciting experience. I appreciate that you are tracking my progress, and I am glad you have learned a couple of things.

    Keep it up!

  2. Peter Post author

    I like the screencasts in particular, they are nice demonstrations of technologies and tools in actual use.

    Anyway, we also use FogBugz for issue tracking on another Vamsoft project :)

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