Acrobat Rebooter

For some reason, Fridays often bring unpleasant surprises to me. Today is Friday, but I could have hardly missed the fact.

I arrived at the office in the morning, jumped into the chair with a cup of hot coffee and started checking tech support emails. Suddenly a message box popped right up to my face, telling me that an Acrobat Reader update is available. “Oh. Right… I do not care if my Acrobat Reader is up to date, but do your update boy” – I clicked and update has started. Back to work, I started responding an email, but the installer pulled the focus back several times like if it was so terribly important for me to watch how it is doing its job.

The installation was finished a few minutes later and and yet another dialog popped up with following text:

Adobe Reader Update Manager
Your system must be rebooted to continue this update. Click the Reboot Now button to reboot your computer. If you would like to reboot later, please click the Reboot Later button. If you click Reboot Now, after the reboot, the Adobe Reader Update Manager will continue installing the remaining updates,

Reboot Now | Reboot Later

They must be kidding, right? They pop up a totally overcomplicated dialog after a bothering process asking me to reboot my system when I did not even initiate the process? And what is that thing with rebooting my system in 2005? Come on, a very few things actually require reboot. If you replace half of the operating system components, like security patches and service packs do, it is reasonable. If you install some special network drivers, it is not so reasonable, but acceptable. Rebooting the system after updating a document reader is not reasonable, even if Internet Explorer locks the Acrobat Reader plugin.

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