Tales from Tech Support: Part 13 – DNS Issues with Own Domain

We received sporadic reports of ORF blacklisting emails from the users’ own domain, because it does not find any MX or A/CNAME record for it. Of course, these records clearly exists when checked from the outside using nslookup, which makes the customer believe it is something wrong with ORF. Actually, the problem is DNS-related and […]

Tales from Tech Support: Part 12 – Honeypot on Edge Servers

Microsoft introduced the Edge and Hub roles in Exchange 2007. The idea was to separate the perimeter (gateway) functions in order to perform filtering before the email reaches the central server. This includes recipient validation, i.e. to reject all emails sent to non-existent recipients. This is performed by an Exchange transport agent called the “Recipient […]

Tales from Tech Support: Part 11 – ORF Installer Cannot Be Started

We have received many reports that opening the installer executable of the trial or registered version of ORF fails with the following error message: “Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item.” This error is shown even if you downloaded and try to […]

Tales from Tech Support: Part 10 – Converting a Patched 4.3 Trial to Registered

The current trial version of ORF (4.3) supports Exchange 2010 after installing a patch, but you may receive an error if you try to install the registered build on top of this patched trial version. That is because the installer of 4.3 registered does not incorporate the Exchange 2010 patch by default. To solve this […]

Tales from Tech Support: Part 9 – Filtering the Display Name (Updated)

Lately, we have received many inquiries regarding the filtering of display names in emails. The display name in your email client (e.g. Outlook) is actually the From: field of the MIME email header. The MIME headers can be retrieved by selecting View | Options in Outlook (“Internet Headers”). To check the MIME headers in other […]