Tales from Tech Support – SORBS Escalated Listings

We have been contacted by a few people last week about a small peak in the number of legitimate emails blacklisted by SORBS, which I believe was caused by escalated listings (see the blog post of SORBS for details). Though we discourage using the escalated zone of SORBS because of the higher chance for false […]

Tales From Tech Support – Part 17: Searching in Huge Log Files

The ORF Log Viewer Tool is excellent for checking what happened to an email: by building simple filters with a few clicks, you have all the information you need. However, loading extremely huge log files (we are talking about hundreds of megabytes) may take quite a lot of time, as ORF logs of this size […]

Tales From Tech Support – Part 16: SPF test and Intermediate Hosts

Quite often, our emails bounce back from our customers because of failed SPF test results. One might suspect our SPF record is broken, but actually the problem is caused by misconfigured ORF installations on the recipient’s end in all cases (our SPF record is fine): Let’s assume the recipient has a primary MX with ORF […]

Tales From Tech Support – Part 15: Configuration Used for the VBSpam Test

As you may have heard, ORF won the VBSpam Award for being super effective (caught 99.13% of spam emails during the test with zero false positives). A lot of you guys asked about the configuration used during the test, so here it goes. We used a very basic, quite conservative configuration with the following test […]

Tales From Tech Support -Part 14: Using the ORF Log Viewer

We often receive emails with questions like “Why ORF blocked this email?” and “Why this was allowed through?” and “Did ORF blocked this one or something else?”. Of course, it is easy to check using the Log Viewer tool shipped with ORF, but it often turns out ORF users are not aware of the existence […]