ORF 5 Preview (Part 6): Toolbar & Notifications

In this sixth article of our ORF 5 series, we look into two minor improvements the new ORF release will offer.

Noticed that blue thing below the menu? That is the brand new and shiny toolbar, implemented in all three administrative tools of ORF.

True to the role of toolbars, this one brings the most frequently used actions right under your fingertips (1). The dropdown design also acts as a secondary shortcut menu, making the tools more discoverable and faster to use (2).

You will find the the connection information here (3) which helps identifying which ORF installation your are currently working with.

The toolbar also hosts another new feature, the Notifications button (see screenshots below).

Basically, this is the entry point of ORF’s new asynchronous notifications system. This is meant to eliminate situations when you get interrupted by randomly popping up dialogs like “Hey there’s a new version available!”, “You really should do something about these waiting items!” or “Look, I can create dialog boxes out of nowhere HAHAHA isn’t it great?”. There are many background operations in ORF, from checking for updates, to querying the status of the Transport Agents. All these operations may required your attention occassionally but from ORF 5, they are all neatly line up here.

2 thoughts on “ORF 5 Preview (Part 6): Toolbar & Notifications

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