ORF 5 Preview (Part 5) – Website Improvements

As you have probably noticed, ORF 5 gets a pretty intensive facelift along with the numerous usability improvements. This design philosophy will also be visible on the ORF website. Let’s look at one of these in detail.

Knowledge Base

Experienced ORF users will be familiar with the FAQ found on our website. As the name suggests, we tried to collect and categorize frequent problems that ORF users faced and gave suggestions on how to work the problem.

ORF 5 Knowledge Base

In ORF 5, FAQ will be replaced by a Knowledge Base section that will provide a more user friendly and intuitive interface to find the required content. The KB will be a searchable source of information on all of the topics covered by the FAQ as well as brand new articles. As you can see in the first screenshot, navigating through the knowledge base will be based around the search function.

The search box will have all the functions of advanced search including partial matches and wildcards. Within the results of the search, the keywords will be highlighted to show the context of the words. Clicking on a topic title will take you to the full article. Navigating back to the search results will take you back to the search result list with the keywords still highlighted. This will allow you to look through the search results without having to repeat the search.

Ratings and Comments

One of the coolest features of the new KB is the ability for you to rate each article in the Knowledge Base on the basis of relevance and conciseness.

Giving a rating of 4 stars or less (5 is the maximum), you will be able to write a short comment on the article to give us feedback on how we could improve the text. The whole process takes a few seconds while it provides us with excellent information on how we can tailor the article to your needs.

The Knowledge Base function is only one of many interactive features in the new ORF website that will help with the communication between our users (you) and us. We will be showcasing more of these in future blog articles so stay tuned.

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