ORF 5 Preview (Part 4): Renewed Log Event View

The next cool feature of ORF 5 we are about to show falls into the category where the new version offers the most: overall experience improvements.

The Log Event View already exists in previous versions – this is the dialog you get when you double-click an event in the Log Viewer. In ORF 5, it underwent an major renovation:

I guess it is a fine example of how a picture is worth a thousand words. Now let’s see what’s new in there besides the aesthetic improvements.

1) Grouping and Highlighting: Every logged event has 16 fields. Each one carries useful information, but you rarely need all of them, so we grouped the fields and hid many lesser used fields to reduce the information load. The Email Subject and the Event Message columns are now highlighted.

2) Event Summary: Each event gets a one-sentence automatically generated summary. This will primarily benefit those new to ORF, but could provide everyone a quick overview of the event and its significance.

3) Remote Control Integration: Now you can send IP and email addresses to the ORF configuration from this dialog.

4) Integrated Log Knowledge Base: This is the coolest new stuff in here. No idea what a log message means? What are its implications? What action to take? Click the Explain button to look the event up online and get a knowledge base article specifically crafted for the logged event.

We expect this to become a major self-help option, because in a huge number of technical support cases the administrator finds the log message, but not sure what to do with it. Say, you run into a DNS timeout or SERVFAIL warning event. Many questions arise: how do I fix this? Does it has to be fixed at all? Does this mean the Vogon fleet is about to blow up Earth? Or is it the Klingons? Goa’ulds? Is the l33t Jeff Goldblum really our only hope? These are particularly complex questions that a short log message cannot volunteer to explain, but using this feature we will deliver the latest information right there where you need it.

Stay with us, next week we will look into another new feature.

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