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One of the most frequently requested features is to exclude Out Of Office autoresponses from the Auto Sender Whitelist address collection. I am happy to report that the next ORF release will take care of this problem.

In addition to the current IP-based exceptions, the next version will support making exceptions based on the subject of the outgoing email. This is specifically for filtering out Out Of Office autoresponses or any other automatic response where the subject has a distinguishing pattern.

Some automatic responses may not have a common target IP or fix subject – for example, if you run a mailing list or a challenge/response email filter – and for excluding these the next version will offer another technology, called “Auto Response Detection”. This will check if an email response is sent so fast that it is reasonable to suspect an automatic response.

For the subject-based exceptions, we’d like to provide a default list of Out Of Office subject patterns in as many languages as possible. Unfortunately, we did not find a website which collect these, so if you can extend or correct the list we have now, please drop us an email to with the subject sample.

Bulgarian: Извън офиса съм Автоматичен отговор
Chinese (simplified): 外出时的自动答复
Chinese (traditional): 郵件答錄機自動回覆
Danish (?): Autosvar – Ikke til stede
English: Out of Office AutoReply
French: Réponse automatique d’absence du bureau
German: Abwesenheitsnotiz
Hungarian: Házon kívüli automatikus válasz
Japanese: 不在時の自動応答
Portuguese (?): Resposta automática para ausência do escritório
Polish: Autoodpowiedź (poza biurem)
Russian: Автоответ при отсутствии на работе
Slovenian: Samodejni odgovor o odsotnosti iz pisarne
Spanish: Respuesta automática por ausencia de la oficina

Thanks for everyone who helped to update or extend the list!

3 thoughts on “Automatic Everything

  1. Peter Post author

    Absolutely, we will offer a default list of subject patterns and allow the user to extend the list. The subject patterns can be defined much like keyword filters.

    The reason why we would like to provide a comprehensive default list is to reduce the configuration costs, especially in a multi-language enviroment.

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